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The Fullmer Family Campground

is a hidden treasure tucked away in the heart of the Teton Valley of the Rocky Mountains of Idaho. Shared by the descendents of Charles and Gladys Fullmer, the campground is a 7 acre playground that hearkens back to a time when the valley was first settled.

Once a working farm (and still partially one today), "The Farm", as it is often called, contains many aspects of its rich heritage. Fields were used to grow grass hay for feeding milking cows, the best seed potato that could be found, and a large garden that Grandma Fullmer used to create many delights for her family.


The stacked 2x4 cabin was once a grainery. A large traditional barn is now a playhouse and meeting room. The South Leigh stream, groves of Aspen and Cottonwood and plenty of shaded campsites make the property an ideal spot for family and friends to get together every year for reunions, church activities, or just camping


The Teton valley is picturesque with its beautiful landscapes, daunting mountain views, small towns and thriving old west culture.


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2008 Halsey Dean Reunion Family Photo